Am I Just Getting Old, or Am I Overworked? The Perils of Office Workers Ignoring Their Health

The Perils of Office Workers Ignoring Their Health

As an active employee in the overworked American workforce, you might think that stress and fatigue are par for the course. When you’re not working hard, you’re not succeeding, right? So, why not pull in a few more hours to get the job done? It’s as simple as that.

As it turns out, though, this line of thinking is not beneficial when you consider the effect it has on your health!

The Adverse Effects of Working Too Much

Apart from the already concerning fact that high work demand—combined with a lack of job control—can lead to increased susceptibility to developing Type 2 diabetes, the all work and no play ideology can push you into becoming unhealthy in a number of ways, without you even realizing it.

A 2015 study on common job stressors and their effects on mental and physical health by Harvard and Stanford Business Schools found concerning results. The study explained that job stressors such as job insecurity, lack of health insurance, and long working hours are to blame for serious health issues like decreased mental health, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension, all of which have a significant mortality rate. And that’s just barely scratching the surface of how your workplace can affect your health!

So to say that ‘your job might be hurting you’ is something of an understatement.

Being overworked, overwhelmed, and tired should not be considered part-and-parcel of an office job. It’s important to take your health seriously and understand how you can make a difference in improving your health, so you can benefit in the long-run.

The Adverse Effects of Working Too Much


Tips on Taking Care of Your Health

– Never Ignore Muscle and Joint Pain

Our bodies are not designed to sit behind a desk eight-and-a-half hours a day. So you might feel your muscles and joints (and other parts of your body) twinge in pain every once in a while. Don’t ignore it. Pain is your body’s way of saying “help me, quick!”

Either find a way to adjust your environment (by correcting your posture, your chair, etc.), or take a permanent measure by opting for physical therapy. It’s a much better pain treatment option, and a great choice if you want any other painful spots in your body looked at as well!

Tips on Taking Care of Your Health

– Rethink Your Lifestyle

Binge-eating junk food, overdoing coffee intake, not drinking enough water, and not straightening posture can all have bad impacts on your health. Talk to a physical therapist about your persistent postural problems (At HealthRite in Houston, we offer an effective work conditioning program for those who may have experienced a work-related injury), consult with your doctor about your diet plan, and up your water intake. It’s not easy. But your hard work now can help you reap benefits in the years to come.

– Rethink Your Job

There’s always a choice. Yes, you’ll have to forgo some luxuries like a higher pay, a cushy job and more, but think long-term. If you feel actively tired because of your desk job, this is the point at which you should consider leaving. Don’t let the comfort elements stop you from taking the right step.


Your desk job may help you bring in the money. But all this effort and a hefty bank account may be for naught if you don’t have the energy or the health to enjoy it fully. Take our advice to heart. Talk to your doctors about the best ways to improve your health, and remember: your health is a priority. Don’t let the comfort of your desk job tempt you away from a healthier future.