Prosthetics Training

At HealthRite, we offer several different types of gait training in the parallel bars, on the stairs, ramps, with a combination of endurance exercises, strength, balance and plyometric activities.


Our physical therapists work closely with the patient to maximize his/her potential following an upper or lower extremity amputation.

The patient is provided with therapy to stretch, strengthen, shape and toughen up the skin/soft tissue of the amputated extremity.

The therapist will educate you for how to use the custom fit prosthetic limb and help you return to previous functional level.

The patients will be educated on:

    Floor Gait Training
  • Use of prosthesis for function
  • Skin & scar management
  • Routine care of the prosthesis
  • Sitting and standing balance with and without the extremity prosthesis
  • Gait training - learning to walk with a lower extremity prosthesis