Back on Your Feet: A Guide on Prosthetics Legs

The loss of a limb is a life-changing experience. It involves re-learning a list of things as you try to readjust to a new lifestyle altogether. With the help of prosthetic legs, though, you can still manage to move about the way you used to.

While prosthetic technology has come a long way, people who lose their legs still have to start over from scratch when it comes to learning how to walk and use their new limbs. Here are 3 things you need to know before you get a prosthetic limb.

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Can Physical Therapy Help Relieve Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal ailments, affecting up to 26% of the adult population. It can make it difficult for you to perform even simple tasks that require the shoulder joint movement, creating a number of obstacles.

Many individuals who suffer from recurring shoulder pain turn to physical therapists for treatment. Let’s take a look at how this helps.

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Physical Therapy for Your Feet: Do You Need it For Your Condition?

A foot injury is one of the last health complications most people want to deal with, simply because it can leave you bed-ridden for weeks.

Some of the most common foot injuries include sports injuries, sprained ankles, burns, cuts, amputations, fractures, and puncture wounds. Foot injuries are especially common at workplaces where there is a risk of heavy objects falling on your feet.

Other than that, individuals whose jobs requires them to keep standing for long hours or overuse their foot muscles may also experience some kind of pain.

Let’s see if physical therapy can help with this condition:

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A Primer for People Who Need a Prosthetic Leg

An amputation is a common treatment for a variety of conditions. This includes injuries, diseases, or any kind of surgery. In some cases, individuals also get amputations and prosthetic limbs if they were born with a limb deficiency—a condition in which the infant is (fully or partially) born without a leg. Around two million US citizens live without a natural limb.

While prosthetics mimic the function of a leg and make the person’s life easier, they’re also a bit difficult to get used to. Not only do you need to know the correct method to carry and maintain them, but you also need adequate training.

Here’s all that you need to know before getting one:

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The Link Between Shoulder Pain and Quality of Life

As per the International Association for the Study of Pain, shoulder pain is one of the most common types of neuromuscular disorders and pains. The prevalence of this condition can be gauged by the fact that 18% of insurance disability payments in the United States are attributed to shoulder disorders.

The exact cause behind shoulder pain depends on its severity. If it’s brought upon by an inflammatory condition, the pain is more likely to be chronic in nature. Inflammatory conditions include torn shoulder tendons, damaged joint surfaces, and overuse of tendons.

Other than that, the pain can also be caused by excessive motion and general muscular weakness.

Let’s see how this pain affects your life:

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