Post Surgery Care: Is Physical Therapy Necessary?

Post Surgery Care: Is Physical Therapy Necessary?

The post surgery period is a critical time for patients. Having just undergone invasive treatment with potential risks, they’re advised to take the utmost care of their site of treatment to ensure a healthy recovery. For individuals who’ve just had surgery for a musculoskeletal injury or ailment, physical therapy is recommended as an effective post-operative option.

Here’s why you should go for physical therapy after a surgical procedure.

It Promotes Healing

Physical therapy has long been used to speed up the healing process for various conditions. In particular, it has been found to be extremely effective for wound healing, especially for patients who have recently undergone surgery.

Physical therapy makes use of several stretching exercises that help patients recover their range of motion. With a trained physical therapist evaluating just the type and amount of stretching required, you can receive the right form of treatment that aids the healing process. Any problems related to the incisions or wounds left after the surgical procedure can be easily identified and addressed on time. Thus, not only do you get to learn effective strategies and exercises, but are also able to heal faster after the surgery.

It Improves Your Balance

After you undergo surgery for your limbs, your mobility is most likely to be affected. For instance, having a knee or hip replacement procedure or undergoing surgery for your leg can tip off your balance and limit your range of motion. In some cases, the impacts can be so severe that the patient takes months to fully regain their mobility and may even have to relearn how to walk or flex their joints.

It Improves Your Balance

Your ability to walk, run, or even stand all depends on the flexibility of your muscles and joints. To regain control of your movements and improve your range of motion, physical therapy comes as very handy. It not just aids your recovery process, but also ensures that you’re able to continue engaging in physical activities even after the rehabilitation period is over.

It Prevents Scar Tissue Build-Up

Patients who have recently undergone a surgical procedure are often reluctant to go for physical therapy afterwards. This leads to a build-up of scar tissue, which hinders their recovery process. The build-up limits mobility and can also cause pain and swelling if left unattended. Physical therapy is eventually needed to break up this scar tissue, which is a painful process on its own.

To avoid putting yourself through this grueling process, it’s best to get physical therapy at your earliest. This will ensure that you experience minimal pain and are on your way to recovery even faster.

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