Our Clinic

HealthRite and Rehab is a physical therapist owned and operated physical rehabilitation practice that offers patients hands on tailored service by our highly skilled and dedicated therapists. It was founded in 2000 and formed as Texas corporation. We offer a convenient location in the South-West Houston area, with prompt scheduling and extremely professional physical/ occupational therapy services. We are a team of compassionate professionals with strong work experience and credentials that offers the best for our patients.

Our Mission is to facilitate healing and restore function to our patients with a deep sense of respect and care, as if they were one of our loved ones. We are “Committed to Easing your Pain.”

Our Philosophy is to maximize restoration and prevent further impairment while providing individualized care on each patient’s Road to Recover.

Success of the program is dependent upon effective communication, coordination, and cooperation among all participants in the person's rehabilitation program.

The Core Values of our program include:

  • Respect for our patients / consumers
  • Promoting a courteous and compassionate atmosphere
  • Offer high level of competence & skill in the care of patient’s /Consumers, Client / Consumer satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Integrity
  • Team work
  • Maintaining close relationship with physicians and counselors